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ADSL boom causing hold-ups

24 January 2003

The number of ADSL connections has increased fivefold compared with the previous year. The downside of this success is the extended waiting times which customers have to contend with. Since the shortage is affecting all providers equally, changing your Internet provider will not reduce waiting times.

Approximately one third of orders can be processed in the normal time, while two thirds of ADSL customers face lead times of four to eight weeks. Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale is doing everything possible to minimise delivery delays. It has also arrived at a solution with the supplier, Alcatel, which will allow the number of ports to be increased more rapidly.

Swisscom plans to create some 50 new jobs in the ADSL area in the course of this year.

Berne, 24 January 2003


Swisscom AG
Media Relations
3050 Bern