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Swisscom Mobile launches MMS offensive: prices down, service up

23 January 2003

Swisscom Mobile was the first Swiss network provider to offer the new Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) back in June 2002. The MMS promotion launched this winter has borne fruit ? some 100,000 Swisscom Mobile customers now own an MMS-enabled mobile, and over 60% of them regularly send and receive multimedia messages. Good news for all MMS enthusiasts and those who want to become one: On 1 February 2003 Swisscom Mobile will introduce a new pricing structure and reduce the cost of MMS messages from the NATEL® network by up to 50%. Added to this, the existing promotion campaign will remain in force until 31 March ? until then, Swisscom Mobile customers can continue sending 50 MMS messages a month, free of charge.

MMS volume classes optimised to push successor to SMS

Swisscom Mobile aims to provide a fair price/performance ratio for MMS messaging and will therefore continue to bill MMS messages according to size, subdivided into three volume categories. For the first time in Switzerland there will be a new category for messages of up to one kilobyte ? MMS messages with text content only will now cost CHF 0.20. With this milestone in MMS history, Swisscom Mobile is also creating the necessary pricing conditions for the unrestricted substitution of SMS by MMS. The second volume category, for up to 30 kilobytes, permits the sending of two to three images as well as sound (depending on mobile phone and photo quality). For this Swisscom Mobile now charges CHF 0.50. And for extra-large MMS messages as well as (at a later stage) video MMS messages of up to 100 kilobytes, NATEL® customers will now pay CHF 0.90.

Same prices for transmission via other Swiss networks

The new prices will cover the transmission of MMS messages not only within the NATEL® network, but also to other Swiss mobile networks as soon as technically possible (planned for the first quarter of 2003). As a further step Swisscom Mobile is also planning to enable the transmission of MMS messages to networks outside Switzerland. Even now it is possible to send multimedia messages from over 17 countries to the Swiss NATEL® network (cost depends on GPRS data volume), thanks to the unparalleled number of GPRS roaming agreements which Swisscom Mobile has already signed and continues to add to.

Swisscom Mobile believes the greatest potential lies in personal messaging (peer-to-peer communication), but also sees a growing trend towards MMS-based entertainment and information services. In line with this, the "gomobile" mobile portal now offers one of the most comprehensive range of services of this type in Switzerland. Current events are also covered. For example, Swisscom Mobile customers can subscribe free of charge to an MMS service for the Alpine World Ski Championships and receive daily photos and updates on this important sporting event.

Summary of the new MMS rates charged by Swisscom Mobile*

 Volume  Rate
 Up to 1 KB  0.20 Several hundred characters of text
 Up to 30 KB  0.50 Two to three images with sound and text (depending on mobile and set photo quality)
 Up to 100 KB  0.90 More than three images with sound and text (depending on mobile and set photo quality)


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