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Press release

Swisscom Fixnet launches "Weekend call International"

06 March 2003

The standard Swisscom Fixnet weekend rate for the above countries is CHF 0.10 a minute. Under the attractive new "Weekend call International" offer, the first 30 minutes of a call will be billed normally, up to a maximum of CHF 3. The next 30 minutes of the call will be free. At the end of the hour the standard minute rate will again apply. The new rate applies to fixed-to-fixed network calls at weekends, from Saturday 00.00 hours to Sunday 24.00 hours as well as on public holidays. "Weekend call International" will be available to all Swisscom Fixnet customers without carrier preselection.


Swisscom Fixnet offering from 1 April 2003

The current very popular domestic offerings "Evening call" and "Weekend call"(1 hour for 1 franc) will continue to apply. There will also be no change to "Global Volume", a discount offering for customers with minimum monthly calling costs of CHF 100. In addition to all domestic calls in Switzerland and calls to the Swisscom Mobile network, "Global Volume" customers are entitled to a discount on outgoing international calls.

Overview of rates

Swisscom Fixnet rates applicable from 1 October 2002

Fixed network international

Weekday rate

Weekend rate

Germany, France, Italy (incl. Vatican), Austria, Liechtenstein, UK, Canada, USA Mon-Fri Sat/Sun and public holidays
Centimes per minute



Fixed network national

Standard rate

Off-peak rate

08.00-17.00 hours
Mon-Fri 17.00-08.00 hours
Sat/Sun and public holidays
Centimes per minute



All prices are inclusive of VAT. Swisscom Fixnet charges in increments of CHF 0.10.
Berne, 6 March 2003


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