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Dialogue with the unions to be continued

04 March 2003

Swisscom intends to draw up a decision-making basis by the autumn of 2003 for any additional measures concerning the organisation of working time. The employee associations will also be involved in the project team. The core of this initiative will be the creation of cost-effective and employment-enhancing working time models. Cablex, which is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the fixed network, will be exempted from the project and will hold talks with the unions on an employment-enhancing reduction in working hours. A large share of those affected at Cablex will benefit from Swisscom?s extensive social plan until retirement at the age of 60.


Dialogue with the unions to be continued

At the end of February the social partners agreed to special measures for the protection of company commission members affected by the job cuts. In addition, the unions and Swisscom have agreed to negotiate the role and tasks of the company commissions from 2004 as part of the 2004 Collective Employment Agreement (GAV).
Swisscom already introduced various additional measures agreed with the unions at an earlier stage, e.g. the introduction of controlled overtime, generous allocation of funds for cases of social hardship, qualification planning and the aim of filling vacancies with internal candidates wherever possible. From the current perspective, Swisscom expects that by the end of 2003 more than 100 persons affected by the job cuts will have found a new job within the company.


Comprehensive social plan benefits well above average in the sector

All those affected who are covered by the Collective Employment Agreement (GAV) will be entitled to the benefits of the current social plan. Swisscom?s social plan offers benefits well above average within the sector. The company has invested around two billion francs in the social plan since 1998. The key elements of the current social plan are the Employment Market Center (EMC), Worklink AG and the Co-Motion start-up programme. The EMC takes on staff affected at full salary for 12 to 18 months, shows them new opportunities and supports them in their search for employment. Out of some 1,500 EMC participants to date, 93% have found another job within or outside the company or have found another socially-acceptable solution. Employees aged 50 and above who are affected by the job cuts are entitled to the benefits of Worklink AG which places staff in temporary jobs and supports them in re-entering the employment market. Finally, the Co-Motion start-up programme shows interested parties how to start their own business and assists them in planning. Bern, 4 March 2003


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