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Press release

Uniform charges for Teleguide services in public payphones

28 April 2003

Teleguide, the electronic telephone directory in Swisscom public payphones, was launched in 1998 and allows users to search for all telephone numbers and addresses currently registered in Switzerland. The terminal can also be used to send SMS, e-mail and short fax messages.

As of 5 May, Swisscom is cutting the price of SMS and e-mail messages sent from public payphones from CHF 0.90 and the price of short faxes from the current CHF 1-3 to CHF 0.50. However, telephone directory enquiries, which are presently offered free of charge, will now also cost CHF 0.50. Experience has shown that telephone numbers are frequently looked up without a subsequent call being made or an electronic message being sent. Since these 'empty' enquiries are disproportionate to the costs incurred, Swisscom has decided to levy a charge for telephone directory enquiries.

With some 9,000 phone boxes, Swisscom has the densest public payphone network in the world, and offers a superior service thanks to the high level of availability and the "Telephone directory enquiry" and "Send message" services. The Swisscom public payphone is still the most cost-effective way to make calls while on the move (fixed-network tariff plus a basic surcharge of CHF 0.50).

Bern, 28 April 2003


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