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MMS across Switzerland on all networks

02 April 2003

Commercial and technical arrangements have to be made to enable the sending of multimedia messages across networks. To this end, Swisscom Mobile, Orange and Sunrise have drawn up an agreement on the commercial side and have comprehensively tested the technical functionalities. This means that MMS messages can now be sent and received between Swisscom Mobile, Orange and Sunrise customers. Swisscom Mobile is also aiming to offer cross-network MMS transmission to foreign mobile networks in the near future.

And another piece of good news for NATEL® customers is that for the purposes of billing Swisscom Mobile does not distinguish between MMS messages sent internally on the Swisscom Mobile network and those sent across networks - the standard volume-based price model applies in all instances, with prices ranging from CHF 0.20 to CHF 0.90 depending on the size of the message sent. The receipt of MMS messages within Switzerland is free of charge as long as the message does not originate from a content provider.

Swisscom Mobile launched its first MMS services in early 2002, and at the start of 2003 stimulated the market with a pricing campaign. "This laid the foundations for the step-by-step replacement of SMS by MMS," says Urs Schaeppi, Commercial Business Manager at Swisscom Mobile. Well over 80'000 NATEL® customers already send multimedia messages on their mobile phone. Swisscom Mobile expects the newly launched cross-network transmission to make a significant contribution to the success of MMS.

Bern, 2 April 2003


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