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Quick access to useful addresses via mobile phone

26 May 2003

"Find it" via WAP
"Find it" via WAP provides a list of local business addresses at the user's current location or at a selected location. A particularly useful feature is that for each address the user can also call up a map showing the location of the address or a description of how to get there. The following categories are available: Restaurants, Accommodation, Money, Shopping, Transportation, Emergency, Key Service, Hot Spots and Internet Cafes.

"Find it" via SMS 
The simplest way is by using SMS Connect: The SMS Connect main menu is called up by dialling freephone *139#. "Find it" is then located under "Travel".

Alternatively, the user can send an SMS containing the keyword for the desired category to the number 858. For example, by entering for a selection of cash machines (a full list of keywords can be found on the Internet), he will receive one or more SMS messages listing the five nearest cash-machine locations (1, 2, 3, etc.). For a detailed query he replies by sending the corresponding number to the number 858.

Cost: via WAP CHF 0.90 per query plus WAP connection charge (GSM/GPRS) as per the latest price list. Via SMS: CHF 0.90 for calling up a selection plus CHF 0.20 for detailed queries. >> Channels >> Travel & Traffic >> Find it.

Swisscom Mobile's WAP services can be accessed via the mobile portal "gomobile" by starting the WAP browser on the mobile phone und, depending on the type of phone, selecting "StartPage" or "Swisscom". Calling up the options Local Map and Route Planner via WAP is subject to an additional CHF 0.50 and CHF 0.80 respectively.

Berne, 26 may 2003


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