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Public Wireless LAN in France : strategic partnership between SFR and Swisscom Eurospot

05 May 2003

Swisscom Eurospot, a subsidiary of the Swisscom Group and provider of high-speed wireless Internet access solutions, has signed an agreement with SFR, the leading private mobile provider on the French market. The partnership will allow the subscribers of SFR to use the European hotspot coverage provided by Swisscom Eurospot to access the Internet via its WiFi network.

With over 900 hotspots currently under contract (including roaming agreements) in western Europe, including around 15 in France, Swisscom Eurospot is a leading player in the European market for high-speed wireless Internet access. For over a year Swisscom has been engaged in setting up this important Public Wireless LAN hotspot network in busy locations such as hotels, railway stations and airports across Switzerland (Swisscom Mobile) and the rest of Europe (Swisscom Eurospot).

From June 2003, SFR customers will have access to Public Wireless LAN services at hotspots operated by Swisscom Eurospot. This will provide customers on the move with high-speed wireless access to the Internet and their corporate network from hotspots set up by Swisscom Eurospot. Each time the user logs onto the Internet, Swisscom Eurospot's homepage will appear on the screen. After that he will simply click on the SFR icon and enter his access codes (user name " or login " and password). He will then be able to start surfing the Internet or call up his e-mails.

"This agreement with France's leading private mobile operator reflects Swisscom Eurospot's desire to collaborate with the market leaders in providing large-scale access to its wireless Internet solutions as soon as possible. It also confirms our intention to maintain close cooperation with SFR in France for the provision of these services," explains Frédéric Gastaldo, CEO of Swisscom Eurospot.

"SFR is looking to offer its customers a comprehensive range of mobile data services. The agreement with Swisscom Eurospot will allow our customers to be the first to gain access from June to 900 high-speed wireless hotspots in addition to our GPRS services in France and other countries. The partnership illustrates our open vision of the WiFi market, whereby hotspot operators will offer coverage to customers of all mobile operators, without exception," adds Jean-Dominique Pit, Director of Strategy at SFR.

Geneva, 2 Mai 2003

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As pan-European PWLAN initiative launched by Swisscom and headquartered in Geneva, Swisscom Eurospot has acquired European PWLAN operators Megabeam Networks Ltd of London (UK) WLAN AG of Munich (Germany) and Aervik of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) .Thanks to these acquisitions and to organic growth, Swisscom Eurospot has already established 500 hotspots under contract in the UK, Germany, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Italy. Of these, more than one hundred are already up and running. Together with the about 400 hotspots of our roaming partners, Swisscom Eurospot will offer service at over 900 hotspots.

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