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Press release

Swisscom restructures its locations in the Bern and Fribourg areas

02 May 2003

The Swisscom Group is carrying out structural reorganisation in Switzerland as part of moves to reduce operating costs. The measures announced on 13 January 2003 will be implemented gradually throughout the course of the year in line with the original plans.

Swisscom Systems Ltd will in future be headquartered in Biel, with the current head office in Zollikofen being closed by the end of the year. Up to 70 jobs at Swisscom Systems Ltd will be relocated from the Bern area to the Canton of Fribourg. At the same time, Swisscom IT Services Ltd is moving around 75 jobs from the Fribourg area to Bern.

The measures will not affect any customer relationships.

Swisscom currently has some 6,000 full-time employees in the Canton of Bern and some 450 in the Canton of Fribourg. In recent years, Fribourg has benefited from the creation of around 140 jobs at Swisscom subsidiary Billag Ltd.

Bern, 2 May 2003


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