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Bridging the gap after apprenticeship training

11 July 2003

The troubled economic climate is also affecting trainees completing apprenticeships at Swisscom. Of over 240 trainees (23 electronics technicians, 96 IT technicians, 37 mediamatics technicians, 56 salespersons and 31 retail staff), around 60 had still not found a job or an alternative solution (further training, military service, trip abroad) by the end of June. Their contract with Swisscom expires either at the end of July or the end of August depending on the region in which they complete their apprenticeship. For those affected by this situation, Swisscom is offering a way to bridge the gap to the world of work: The individual Group companies and Group Headquarters are offering trainees completing apprenticeships fixed-term contracts for up to six months based on the standard terms of employment. The advantage for the young people is that they can give notice on this interim employment as soon as they find a permanent job, at any time within thirty days to the end of a month. This further facilitates the switch from apprenticeship training to professional life.

Further increase in apprenticeship trainee numbers

Around 270 school leavers will commence their apprenticeship at Swisscom this summer. Alongside the professions mentioned above, there will also be 25 telematics technicians. Swisscom is committed to investing in the training of future employees. When the apprenticeship season starts in summer 2003, the total number of trainees will be around 900, an increase of 25 people compared to last year.

Bern, 11 July 2003


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