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Press release

ADSL: Broadband network with increased capacity

08 July 2003

Over the last few months Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale has been working intensively on increasing the performance capacity of its ADSL broadband network and improving the transparency of its offering. From early August Swisscom Fixnet Wholesale will be offering Internet Service Providers two ADSL products for residential customers called 300/50 (300 Kbits/s download and 50 Kbits/s upload) and 600/100; the previous 256/64 and 512/128 profiles have been adapted accordingly. The product names in the business customer sector will remain the same for the time being: 512/512, 1024/512 and 2048/512. It is planned to update the names by the end of the year.

A new feature of all offerings is that the numbers now stand for the net speed (i.e. the speed that the customer can measure on his terminal). In concrete terms this means that customers have up to 50% more capacity available while security standards and prices remain the same. Capacity reserved to fulfil technical requirements is added to the transmission capacity to calculate the new gross speed.

Existing customers to automatically receive upgraded performance

New customers will receive the new services from 28 July 2003. Existing business customers will be provided with the new products automatically between the end of July and mid-August 2003 and existing residential customers between mid-August and the end of October 2003. From the end of July 2003 it will be possible to view the dates for the changeover at on a so-called migration checker. It will also continue to be possible at the same website to check the effective speed of an ADSL line (performance checker).

ADSL is a success story

The growth rates for ADSL lines in Switzerland continue to remain high: In the past six months over 100,000 Internet users have opted for ADSL broadband Internet access. This takes the number of users accessing the Internet via a broadband fixed-line access to around 340,000 (end of June), thus putting Switzerland in the lead in Europe with the highest growth rate percentage.

Bern, 8 July 2003


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