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Telecom FL AG selling agreements are signed

04 July 2003

Liechtenstein TeleNet AG will take over Telecom FL AG (TFL) from Swisscom Fixnet as of 1 October 2003. A selling agreement to this effect was signed on 4 July in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Rita Kieber-Beck and representatives of Swisscom Fixnet. Swisscom Fixnet will continue to provide telecommunications services for the new company on a commercial agreement basis. The sale is subject to approval from the Liechtenstein Parliament, which has still to be obtained.

Employees of Telecom FL to be taken on

The government in Liechtenstein aims to continue to safeguard attractive telecommunications services in the Principality in the future. Both companies have been market players in Liechtenstein for many years and are very well acquainted with the conditions of the market there.

Die rund 45 Mitarbeitenden bei Telecom FL treten zu Liechtenstein TeleNet AG über. Im Jahr 2002 erzielte Telecom FL einen UmsThe 45 or so employees of Telecom FL are to be taken on by Liechtenstein TeleNet AG. In 2002, Telecom FL achieved revenues of around CHF 49 million.

Bern, 4 July 2003


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