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Press release

New: SMS messaging from desktop computers

13 August 2003

The necessary software can be downloaded to PCs via the Internet. Following installation and registration via the user's own NATEL® number, SMS messages can be sent conveniently from Microsoft Outlook® where a new menu item "Send SMS" will appear. The advantage is that the computer keyboard can be used to type the SMS. This makes it both quicker and easier to send SMS messages. SMS messages can be sent not just to individual addressees but to entire recipient groups at one go (up to one 100 recipients per message), enabling business partners, work colleagues and entire teams to be contacted quickly and effortlessly. The user simply selects the recipient from the Microsoft Office® address book or enters the mobile number manually in the address field.

The recipient receives the SMS without delay and can reply to the message directly. The sender specifies whether he wishes to receive replies as e-mails or as SMS messages to his mobile phone - a useful way of carrying out an entire SMS dialogue quickly and easily on the computer. As well as these settings the Desktop SMS user can also activate a further option: On request a reminder SMS can be sent to the user's mobile phone for each calendar entry in Microsoft Outlook®. This enables him to keep track of his appointments when on the move.

Desktop SMS is now available to all NATEL® subscribers (excluding NATEL® easy). All that is needed is a PC with Internet access and Microsoft Outlook® (not Microsoft Outlook® Express). Sending a Desktop SMS costs CHF 0.20 per message and recipient and CHF 0.10 are charged for each appointment reminder received. The charges are shown separately on the customer's monthly NATEL® bill.

Instructions for use and the software download may be found at

Berne, 13 August 2003


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