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Swisscom's ?Perspective' Centre to open its services to third parties

05 August 2003

The fully-owned subsidiary of Swisscom Ltd will continue to serve the parent company but will also offer its services to third parties. PersPec has special expertise in providing advice on new career directions, and has already found good solutions for over 90% of the 1,900 plus employees who lost their job as a result of restructuring measures at Swisscom. These employees have either found a similar position with another company, become self-employed or embarked on a new career in a different sector, following appropriate retraining. PersPec is already active on behalf of various companies outside the Swisscom Group.

For the duration of the Social Plan 01, nothing will change for Swisscom employees affected by the workforce reduction. The services which PersPec performs on behalf of Swisscom are contractually agreed and will continue to be offered within the same scope as to date.

The CEO of PersPec is Michel Golliard, and the Chairman of the Board is Rainer Titze. PersPec Personal Perspectives Ltd has its head office in Berne. Further information: .

Berne, 5 August 2003


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