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Press release

ITU Telecom World 2003 in Geneva, 12 - 18 October: Mobile broadband, quo vadis?

19 September 2003

Swisscom Mobile will focus its presentations at this year's ITU Telecom World 2003 (Stand 4251) on wireless broadband, showcasing new products and solutions for the mobile office, Public Wireless LAN and UMTS. The deployment of modern broadband technologies makes mobile data communications faster and simpler. As users become even more mobile they also become more efficient and more competitive. Mobile communications services allow users to access personal and business data no matter where they are. The Wireless Service Center on Stand 7017 will present a plethora of mobile services and products, and visitors will also be able to purchase or rent mobile phones, WLAN cards, SIM cards and accessories, have their WLAN devices configured and find out more about WLAN in general.

Swisscom Eurospot with over 1,500 PWLAN Hotspots in Europe

Swisscom Eurospot is the largest pan-European PWLAN provider to offer business travellers wireless broadband Internet access at Hotspots in hotels and at conference centres and airports in a large number of European countries. Swisscom Eurospot has over 1,100 proprietary Hotspots under contract in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. Together with the 400 or so Hotspots of its roaming partners, this amounts to over 1,500 Hotspots in total.

Swisscom Innovations with live television over ADSL

Swisscom Innovations will demonstrate innovative solutions enabling natural interaction that is better tailored to human requirements. Multimodal services combine the advantages of a graphical user interface with voice-activated elements and thus come step closer towards facilitating more natural communications behaviour - speaking, seeing, hearing, touching. Swisscom Innovations will showcase two multimodal applications: access to broadband services via Tablet PC, and a city guide on a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

Broadband services are delivered to the home over the telephone cable. Video streaming using the very latest compression techniques already enables television-quality broadband transmission at speeds of 1 Mbit/s. Swisscom Innovations will demonstrate the potential capabilities of today's ADSL broadband technology: live television with an electronic programme guide and video-on-demand.

Swisscom will also use ITU Telecom World 2003 to present its "Internet for Schools" initiative to a wider audience. Today, the company already provides free Internet access to over 2,000 schools across Switzerland.

Berne, 19 September 2003


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