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Press release

Advice and installation of services at Swisscom Shops are now free of charge

10 September 2003

This change is based on our amended business policy. "The distinction between free installation of value-added services and installation services that are subject to charge has led to a feeling of uncertainty," explains Urs Schaeppi, Head of Commercial Business and member of the Swisscom Mobile Executive Board. In the past, Swisscom had levied a charge per minute on some advisory services. This billing by the minute was abolished on 11 August 2003 following negative customer and media feedback. A flat-rate fee continued to be charged for more labour-intensive tasks such as copying SIM cards and installing the mobile Internet on Notebooks.


Mobile Points for basic services, Mobile Competence Centers for more complex services

Swisscom has carried out a thorough review of its consulting and installation tariffs. "Generally speaking our offering has been accepted by our customers except that the public reacted with uncertainty to the fact that some services were free of charge and others had to be paid for. We have therefore decided to change our business policy," explains Urs Schaeppi. The decision means that from now on the installation of individual services in the 89 Swisscom Shops nationwide is free of charge for Swisscom customers. However, at busy times the availability of installation services may be limited since certain consultations are very time-consuming. Furthermore, more complex configuration services (e.g. for Notebooks) will continue to only be available at the 15 Mobile Competence Centers across Switzerland. Less complex services will be available at all Swisscom and Globus Shops.


Shop staff informed, customer information to follow

Over the past few days all staff at Swisscom Shops have been informed of the change. Old customer brochures still in circulation are being withdrawn at short notice and existing customers are being informed of the change via suitable media (e.g. billing enclosures, Internet, etc.).

List of the Swisscom Shops:

Bern, 10 September 2003


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