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GPRS and MMS for NATEL® easy

31 October 2003

In future, Swisscom Mobile's 1.4 million or so NATEL® easy customers will also have access to the mobile transmission technology GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). GPRS is activated automatically and is therefore available to all customers with a GPRS-enabled mobile phone. The data are billed in packets of 10 KB. GPRS within Switzerland costs CHF 0.30 per 10 KB, outside Switzerland (irrespective of location) CHF 0.60 per 10 KB.

MMS now available for prepaid customers

GPRS greatly speeds up the use of mobile data services such as WAP and MMS. MMS allows images, sound and text messages of over 160 characters to be sent from a mobile phone to an MMS-enabled phone or an e-mail address. It can also be used to send a snapshot and greeting in postcard format to friends anywhere in the world.

MMS messages sent by NATEL® easy customers are billed according to the volume of data per message: 

Up to 1 KB: CHF 0.30 (several hundred characters of text) 

Up to 30 KB: CHF 0.70 (two to three pictures with sound and text, depending on the phone and the photo quality setting) 

Up to 100 KB: CHF 1.20 (more than three pictures with sound and text, depending on the phone and the photo quality setting)  

To use MMS, customers require an MMS-enabled mobile phone that is configured for MMS. In addition, the line must be activated for MMS by Swisscom Mobile. Further information can be found on the Internet at

GPRS abroad

MMS messaging is also possible abroad in countries where GPRS roaming agreements exist. At present GPRS roaming agreements exist in over 20 countries. Details are available at Outside Switzerland there is a surcharge of CHF 0.60 per 10 KB for GPRS.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a standard for the transmission of data on GSM networks and uses a technology which breaks down the data into small packets and transmits them in continuous flow. GPRS connections are therefore billed by volume rather than time.

Berne, 31 October 2003


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