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Huge success for Vodafone live!

28 November 2003

In the first two weeks following the launch of Vodafone live! over 25,000 NATEL® customers signed up for the new mobile phone experience. This has far exceeded Swisscom Mobile's expectations. The most popular device is the Sharp GX20, and favourite applications are MMS, ringtones and games.

Vodafone live! is the colourful, interactive multimedia world for Swisscom Mobile customers wishing to do more than make calls with their mobile phone. In the first two weeks Swisscom Mobile acquired over 25,000 Vodafone live! customers at Swisscom Shops and specialist dealers, meaning that already one in a hundred NATEL® subscribers is a Vodafone live! customer. "We are more than delighted with the successful sales launch of Vodafone live! which has far exceeded our expectations. Originally we were expecting 25,000 customers by the end of the year," explains Urs Schaeppi, Head of Commercial Business and member of the Swisscom Mobile executive board.

The most popular device is currently the Sharp GX20, followed by the Sony Ericsson Z600 and the Motorola V525. In Switzerland the Sharp GX20 is available exclusively from Swisscom Mobile and offers superior picture resolution and an excellent camera in VGA quality.

High service acceptance - new target of 50,000 customers

The usage of Vodafone live! services is also developing positively - a significant number of newly-acquired Vodafone live! customers already send and receive pictures via mobile phone and have used one or more portal services. The frontrunners are ringtones (in particular "Misirlou", "Baby Boy" and "Where is the love") and games (Top 3: "Racing Fever 2", "Ferrari Monte Carlo" and "Soccer Pro Challenge"). "The high level of integration of our service offering in the mobile phone user interface as a key feature of Vodafone live! is the decisive factor behind the high acceptance among our customers," explains Urs Schaeppi. Swisscom Mobile is expecting over 50,000 Vodafone live! customers by the end of the year.

Berne, 28 November 2003


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