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Swisscom pays 2.2 percent more salary

14 November 2003

The negotiations between the social partners on Swisscom salaries for 2004 have been completed: Total salary payouts are to be increased by 2.2 percent. The general share of the overall salary increase amounts to 1.6 percent, excluding salaries that are currently well above average, which will generally be increased by 1 percent. The salary agreement takes into account the structural pay differences existing at Swisscom.

Swisscom's aim in the negotiations was to find a solution that took into account the differences in the existing salaries. A lower general share for employees earning above-average salaries will result in smaller pay differences at Swisscom in the future. For this reason the general salary increase is around 1.6 percent for the majority of employees and 1 percent for employees earning above-average salaries. The remaining share of the overall 2.2% increase in salary payouts will be distributed individually. The minimum salaries graded according to function will be increased by 1 percent.

The Group companies Swisscom IT Services Ltd, Swisscom Systems Ltd and Swisscom Immobilien AG are unable to commit to the salary increase for economic reasons and will therefore renegotiate. The increase applies in principle to all employees subject to Swisscom's collective employment agreement. Some 16'500 people (around 14'000 FTEs) are covered by this agreement.

With a 40-hour working week, five weeks' annual leave and flexible working time models, Swisscom offers its staff attractive employment conditions.

Berne, 14th November 2003


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