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Press release

Mobile calling abroad: simple tariff model, attractive rates

24 February 2004

Swisscom Mobile NATEL® subscribers making calls while abroad will in future have a better overview of their costs. On 1 April 2004 Swisscom Mobile will introduce a simple four-zone tariff model for international roaming. There will then be a uniform tariff for each zone irrespective of the time of day and mobile provider. NATEL® customers who have used their mobile phone outside Switzerland within the last six months will receive an SMS on 1 April 2004 that will activate an update of the roaming settings on their SIM card to ensure increased selection of Swisscom Mobile's high-quality partner networks when abroad.

In a few cases the new roaming tariff model will result in increased costs, but in the majority of cases calling with Swisscom Mobile while abroad will become cheaper. The new tariff model will not have any overall impact on roaming costs at key destinations abroad and the charges for SMS-messaging from abroad will remain unchanged. For example, a one-minute mobile call from Italy to Switzerland will cost CHF 1.50 (until now it cost between CHF 1.58 and CHF 2.10 depending on the network provider and time of day). And a one-minute call from the USA to Switzerland will cost CHF 2.30 (until now between CHF 1.75 and CHF 2.59; see Table 1 for tariffs at 1 February 2004). This will enable Swisscom Mobile to continue to provide users wishing to make calls while abroad with an extremely attractive offering.

The new tariff model will apply to the NATEL® budget, swiss, international and business subscriptions, but not to NATEL® easy and NATEL® easy kid. The prices will apply to mobile calls, fax messages and WAP services (excl. GPRS) from abroad, while the prices for international calls and SMS messages from Switzerland will remain unchanged. The conversion to the new roaming charge by zone will take place automatically on 1 April 2004. Customers wishing in future to continue to select their tariffs by individual provider when abroad may call a special hotline set up for this purpose by Swisscom Mobile (0800 550 500) and ask to retain the current model.  In addition, customers who have made roaming calls while abroad over the past six months will be notified individually and receive comprehensive details of the price comparison between the new tariff model "Roaming charge by zone" and the existing "Roaming charge by provider" tariff model. This information can also be called up by visiting

Optional attractive model for business customers

Business customers (NATEL® corporate and CMN) will be offered an attractive tariff model for mobile calling while abroad which they will only be switched to on request (see Table 2). Business customers who have used their mobile phone abroad over the past six months will also receive a letter from Swisscom Mobile informing them about the new tariff model.



Latest roaming settings by SMS

Swisscom Mobile has compiled a portfolio of foreign networks that are increasingly offering NATEL® customers the same service abroad that they enjoy in Switzerland. Between 1 April and July 2004, customers who have been abroad during the past six months and who purchased their SIM card after 1998 will receive an SMS that will activate the latest roaming settings on their SIM card. This will ensure that as far as possible the highest-quality Swisscom Mobile partner network is selected when abroad. On such networks, multimedia messages (MMS) can be sent and received. As well as data transmission technologies (HSCSD, GPRS), it is generally possible to call up Combox without entering the password on such networks and in most cases the caller's phone number is shown on the display. Use of such networks has no bearing on the price, since from 1 April 2004 the new Roaming charge by zone tariff model will be introduced.

NATEL® customers who do not wish their SIM cards to be updated can send an SMS with the text "stoppsimd" to number 333 by 1 April 2004 or call the hotline on 0800 55 64 64. Customers who contact us by 1 April 2004 who wish to retain the current tariff model or who have a Duocard will automatically not receive an SMS.

Swisscom Mobile customers can make calls abroad with over 370 network providers in around 170 countries worldwide.

Bern, 24 February 2004


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