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Swisscom Eurospot signs roaming agreement with TeliaSonera Finland Oyj

19 March 2004

Swisscom Eurospot has concluded a roaming agreement with TeliaSonera Finland Oyj. While Swisscom Eurospot customers will benefit from 250 high-speed Wi-Fi Internet hotspots in Finland, Sonera HomeRun customers will have access to 750 hotspots across Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the UK).

Swisscom Eurospot has concluded a roaming agreement with TeliaSonera Finland Oyj in addition to its existing agreements with TeliaSonera Sweden and Swisscom Mobile. "The agreements with Scandinavian PWLAN providers will enable us to build on our current base of over 2,000 hotspots under contract and 750 activated hotspots across Europe. Our hotspots are placed at strategic business locations such as hotels, congress centres and airports," says Jaap von den Berg from Swisscom Eurospot.

Access to the largest pan-European PWLAN footprint will enable Finnish corporate users to be more efficient when on the move. The bilateral roaming agreements between Swisscom Eurospot, Swisscom Mobile, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj and TeliaSonera Sweden have resulted in the largest operational WiFi roaming network worldwide.

Roaming on TeliaSonera Finland Oyj's PWLAN network is technically implemented through the Radius protocol and conforms to common industry standards. PWLAN roaming is transparent to each party's customers, who automatically reach their home log-in pages when using a hotspot under this roaming agreement. At the end of the month, customers receive their PWLAN bill from their normal provider.

"Based on our past experience with GSM it was easy for us to implement roaming with Swisscom Eurospot. Roaming plays an essential role in the HomeRun service, and this roaming deal will enable our end users to gain significantly more coverage across mainland Europe, "says Tommi Mattila, Sonera HomeRun Product Manager at TeliaSonera Finland Oyj.

Geneva, 18 March 2004



About Swisscom Eurospot

Swisscom Eurospot is a leading provider of high-speed broadband Internet access for business travellers in Europe. Swisscom Eurospot's network comprises more than 2,000 locations across Europe offering broadband Internet access, and the company has close working relationships with several roaming partners (e.g. Swisscom Mobile, Telia Homerun, iPass). The business activities of Swisscom Eurospot extend throughout Europe and are based on values that are typical of a company that has its roots in Switzerland: neutrality and partnership, quality and a sound financial footing. Subscriptions can be purchased at the hotspots or in the eShop on the Swisscom Eurospot website. The 750 activated Swisscom Eurospot locations, the eShop and further details of the service can be found at:

Swisscom Eurospot is a subsidiary of Swisscom and is headquartered in Geneva, with branch offices in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. The Swisscom Group posted revenues of CHF 14.5 billion in 2002 and has some 19,000 employees.


About TeliaSonera Finland Oyj

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj, the Finnish profit centre of TeliaSonera, offers products and services under the Sonera brand. TeliaSonera is the leading telecommunications company in the Nordic and Baltic regions. At the end of December 2003 TeliaSonera had 11,957,000 mobile customers (37,610,000 including associated companies) as well as 8,061,000 fixed-line customers (9,160,000 including associated companies) and 1,631,000 Internet customers (1,691,000 including associated companies). Outside its home markets TeliaSonera has extensive interests in the growth markets in Russia, Turkey and Eurasia. TeliaSonera is listed on the Stockholm Exchange, the Helsinki Exchanges and the Nasdaq Stock Market in the USA. Pro forma net sales for January to December 2003 amounted to SEK 81.7 billion (EUR 9.01 billion). The number of employees was 26,694.


About Sonera HomeRun

The Sonera HomeRun service can be easily accessed by means of a portable terminal device, wireless LAN card and Internet browser. Click the Internet browser icon and type in your password to set up a connection.

The Sonera HomeRun service is available as a supplementary service to Sonera mobile phone subscriptions or to a separate data subscription. All service charges are shown on your mobile phone bill. The service can also be utilized with fixed-term 24-hour usernames which are sold in the HomeRun Service Areas.

Usage time for the service can also be purchased by Visa or MasterCard over the Internet. The credit card payment option is only available in Finland for purchase in advance of a fixed amount of service usage time.

Check the continuously updated Service Area listing by visiting


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