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Swisscom to upgrade the fixed telephone network

06 May 2004

Swisscom Fixnet is investing around CHF 250 million by the end of 2004 in upgrading the present infrastructure of the fixed telephone network. The modernisation programme has been running since November 2003 and will continue until the end of the year. Significant line disruption is expected temporarily in certain areas between 5 May and 11 December 2004.

The upgrading of the present exchange and network infrastructures will result in disruption of between ten minutes and two hours after 11 p.m. at night to around 1.6 million telephone lines during the course of the year. Work on the telephone network will last for a period of fourteen months overall.

Customers affected will be notified beforehand in writing. The federal and cantonal governments, local authorities and in particular all emergency services such as the police, fire and ambulance services have already taken the necessary precautions in collaboration with Swisscom. The mobile network will not be affected by the disruption.


Modernisation aimed at reducing energy and operating costs

Swisscom aims over the next few years to adapt the developments that have gradually arisen over 150 years of telecommunications history to meet new and changed customer, market and communication needs. Swisscom Fixnet is therefore planning to invest around CHF 250 million in upgrading the present infrastructure of the fixed telephone network. The modernisation programme will run until the end of the year and forms part of Swisscom's planned annual investments for 2004 of around CHF 1.3 billion.

The focus is being placed consistently on future-oriented exchange and network solutions as well as high-quality telecommunications services. The upgrade will also facilitate system and network maintenance while reducing energy and operating costs.

This will enable basic service provision, which the federal government has awarded to Swisscom until 2007, to continue to be safeguarded throughout the country thanks to a high-quality network infrastructure.


Cantons mainly affected will date of upgrade

Canton  Date
Solothurn    07.05.2004
City of Basle  11.06.2004
Vaud   25.06.2004
Neuchâtel   09.07.2004
Neuchâtel   23.07.2004
City of Basle  10.09.2004
Solothurn    24.09.2004
Bern  15.10.2004
Ticino    12.11.2004
Aargau    19.11.2004
Ticino    10.12.2004

Owing to the upgrade of the fixed network, brief disruption will occur to the telephone lines in some towns and villages in the cantons affected.

Berne, 6 May 2004


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