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New from Swisscom Mobile: Free SMS info on missed calls

24 May 2004

Swisscom Mobile is now offering the free value-added service "SMS info on missed calls". NATEL® customers receive an SMS informing them of missed calls if their mobile has been switched off and the caller has left no message on their Combox®. The new service will be phased in between now and mid-June 2004 for all NATEL® subscribers with COMBOX® basic or COMBOX® pro.

The "SMS info on missed calls" service is used when customers have switched their mobile off or are outside the coverage area. As soon as they switch their mobile back on or move back within receiving range, NATEL® customers receive a free SMS informing them of callers who have tried to reach them but not left a message on their COMBOX®. The SMS contains the time of the call and the caller's number. For example: "The person with the following number has tried to reach you and left no message on your COMBOX® +41 79 123 45 67". Many mobile phone models permit call-back directly from the SMS.

The service will be activated automatically over the course of the next few weeks. By mid-June 2004, the free SMS service will be automatically available to all Swisscom Mobile customers (incl. NATEL®easy) with COMBOX® basic or COMBOX® pro. In addition, COMBOX® pro customers will receive a free e-mail.

Customers must switch their mobile phone back on within seven days in order to receive SMS info on missed calls. Missed calls from subscribers with suppressed numbers (Calling Line Identification Restriction, CLIR) are not shown.

Berne, 24 May 2004


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