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From 1 July onwards: flat rate for Vodafone live! and massive price reductions for GPRS

15 June 2004

From 1 July 2004 onwards, NATEL® customers will have a new opportunity to surf inexpensively on mobile portals from Swisscom Mobile. With the Portal Pack, which costs CHF 5 per month (CHF 7 for NATEL ® easy), all data connections to mobile portals from Swisscom Mobile - for example to Vodafone live! - are free. At the same time, using GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) data transmission technology will be cheaper by up to 50%.

Until 30 June 2004, as part of an introductory promotion for Vodafone live!, customers will not be charged for data transmission but only for downloading premium products such as games, ringtones and images.  From 1 July 2004, Swisscom Mobile will offer its customers a flat rate with the Portal Pack: for CHF 5 per month (CHF 7 with NATEL® easy) all costs of data transmission are included. The offer includes the data transmitted when surfing on mobile portals from Swisscom Mobile, such as Vodafone live! Connections from abroad, to other WAP sites and to the Internet are billed separately. 

Customers can register for the Portal Pack straight away and it will come into effect from the beginning of the next month. NATEL® customers can send an SMS to the number 444 with the message portal start.  To cancel, they simply send an SMS to 444 with the message portal stop.  Cancellation will be effected at the end of that calendar month. The cost of surfing then corresponds to the prices for GPRS data transmission.

Furthermore, on 1 July 2004 Swisscom Mobile will reduce the price of using GPRS by almost 50%. As before, the costs will be based on the volume of data transmitted, but now data connections in Switzerland will be billed at just CHF 0.10 per 10 Kilobytes (previously CHF 0.19 per 10 Kilobytes). With NATEL® easy the price will be reduced from CHF 0.30 to CHF 0.15 per 10 Kilobytes. 

Berne, 15 June 2004


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