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Value-added service numbers now accessible to NATEL easy® customers

17 June 2004

Swisscom Mobile prepaid customers can now call up chargeable "value-added service numbers". The service is activated automatically for all NATEL® easy customers (with the exception of NATEL® easy kid customers). The opening-up of value-added service numbers to prepaid customers is in accordance with an interpretation by OFCOM (Federal Office of Communications) of the current telecoms legislation.

Value-added service numbers (so-called "Business Numbers") have the prefixes 0900, 0901 and 0906. Until now these numbers, which are subject to charge, could only be accessed by NATEL® customers with a subscription, and were blocked for prepaid customers. OFCOM now calls for value-added service numbers to be also made accessible to prepaid customers, in line with the relevant provisions in the telecoms legislation. In addition to paying the charges levied by the value-added service providers, NATEL® easy customers pay a surcharge of CHF 0.50 per minute. This surcharge is deducted automatically from the customer's call credit as soon as the call has been completed. 


Blocking sets available free of charge

Access to value-added service numbers remains blocked for NATEL® easy kid customers. The blocking is aimed at protecting these customers and can be lifted at anytime, albeit subject to prior written approval from the child's parents or guardian.

NATEL® easy customers can have access to value-added service numbers blocked at anytime by calling the freephone hotline of Swisscom Mobile (0800 55 64 64). Blocking sets are available free of charge for the following value-added service numbers:


0900 and 0901 numbers: Blocks access to business, marketing and info services, entertainment,  games and televoting.
0906 numbers:  Blocks access to adult entertainment and erotic services.
All 090x numbers: Blocks access to all value-added service numbers.

Blocking does not function for value-added services offered via fixed-network numbers with a regional prefix (for example 01 xx).

Berne, 17 June 2004


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