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World's leading telecommunications operators form alliance to market fixed-mobile Convergence products to 145 million customers

14 July 2004

The Fixed-Mobile Convergence Alliance (FCMA) was inaugurated today with six of the world's leading telecommunications operators as founder members.The Alliance was formed to accelerate the development of Fixed-Mobile Convergence products and services to the 122 million fixed network and 23 million mobile customers served by its founding members. It is anticipated that the Alliance will encourage other major telecommunications operators around the world to drive the development of convergence services.

Fixed-Mobile Convergence is a transition point in the telecommunications industry that will finally remove the distinctions between fixed and mobile networks, providing a superior experience to customers by creating seamless services using a combination of fixed broadband and local access wireless technologies to meet their needs in homes, offices, other buildings and on the go.

The founder members of the FMCA include:

Brasil Telecom; BT; Korea Telecom; NTT Com; Rogers Wireless Inc.; Swisscom.

BT is the first Chair of the Alliance, which will rotate every 12 months. Rogers Wireless Inc. will take the role of Vice-Chair during this period.

In addition to the founder members of the Alliance, a further 15 telecommunications operators from around the world have contacted the FMCA to express their interest in joining.

One of the FMCA's key objectives will be to present a common message to the telecommunications equipment vendor community regarding the development of standards-based terminal and infrastructure equipment.

The members of the Alliance have been working together for several months and collaborated and shared information in the areas of concept development, experiences in different markets as well as new Convergence products and services. One such example is BT which recently announced plans to launch a seamless Convergence service to mobile handsets for UK broadband consumers.

Ryan Jarvis, first Chairman of the FMCA and Chief of Mobile Products and Partnerships at BT, said: "Today is an important milestone for the industry. It recognises that fixed networks are a significant asset in delivering mobile services. A number of us have unveiled our plans to accelerate this market transition by launching Convergence services, so users can move seamlessly between the fixed and mobile worlds as they go about their business or daily lives. The creation of the Alliance demonstrates operators willingness to share information and work together on behalf of all our customers to ensure that nothing stands in the way of progress. This initial group of leading telcos is totally committed to delivering Convergence and the FMCA is encouraged by the applications from other telecom operators to join us."

For more information please contact:

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Bern July 14, 2004


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