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Swisscom Mobile launches a world first in Mobile Unlimited

09 September 2004

Effective immediately, Swisscom Mobile is offering the Mobile Unlimited product on the Swiss market. Back on 3 June 2004, the PC card developed in conjunction with the Belgian company Option for the Unlimited Data Manager was unveiled to the public as a world first. Mobile Unlimited guarantees uniform access to and automatic switching between UMTS, GPRS and WLAN. The card is available from CHF 299, and the Unlimited Data Manager comes with it free of charge.

Mobile Unlimited allows users to keep in touch while on the move simply, securely and with the best available bandwidths whenever and wherever they happen to be, providing access to e-mail, the Internet and corporate data. Swisscom Mobile is offering the product on the Swiss market from today. "For the user, this is a completely new mobile experience," says Carsten Schloter, CEO of Swisscom Mobile. "For the first time, automatic and seamless transfer between the network technologies will allow users to also enjoy that real "always on" experience familiar from ADSL while on the move."

Connected to the fastest transmission technology always and everywhere

The core components of the product are the Unlimited PC Card together with the Software Unlimited Data Manager. For the first time ever, this provides standard access to and automatic transfer between the different network technologies (UMTS, GPRS, WLAN). Users are also automatically connected to the best transmission technology available at their current location without having to carry out the selection themselves: WLAN at Hotspots (up to 54 MBit/s at standard 802.11 g), UMTS in built-up areas (up to 384 KBit/s) and a minimum of GPRS at all other locations (30-40 KBit/s). By the end of 2004, Swisscom Mobile will have around 800 Hotspots in Switzerland and provide UMTS coverage to some 83% of the population. In 2004 alone, Swisscom Mobile will have invested around CHF 500 million in the mobile network.

The card costs between CHF 299 in conjunction with a NATEL® data basic subscription (24-month minimum contract term) and CHF 899 without a subscription. The Unlimited Data Manager, i.e. the software for installation of the card, network connection and automatic seamless switching between networks, comes free of charge. The data subscription costs CHF 10 per month for private customers and between CHF 5 and CHF 10 per line for business customers (depending on the number of lines).

Three technologies - one price

With Mobile Unlimited, the technology used for sending data has no bearing on the price. The price is calculated according to the volume of data transmitted and the selected tariff option. Private customers can use Unlimited Packs or the Unlimited Basic Tariff. Unlimited Packs are tariff options comprising a flat-rate charge for a predefined volume of data, e.g. CHF 130 per month for 100 MB of data. The package price applies irrespective of whether the available data volume is used or not. If the data volume is exceeded, the excess volume is billed at the MB prices applicable to the selected product. Unused monthly data volume cannot be carried forward to the next month.

With the Unlimited Basic Tariff, however, each effective MB of data is billed. The price per MB is split into different tariff levels and is lower at each new tariff level. The price for a monthly data usage of 125 MB is calculated as follows: 40 MB x CHF 2.50 + 60 MB x CHF 1.70 + 25 MB x CHF 1.30 = CHF 234.50. As a rule, therefore, we recommend that users sending large volumes of data opt for an Unlimited Pack with inclusive monthly volume. The data volumes used are billed as illustrated in the following table:

Unlimited tariff option
(per subscription)
Inclusive monthly volume in MB Monthly subscription charge in CHF (half price until 31 December 2004) Price per MB in CHF (after incl. volume exceeded)
Unlimited Pack      
40 MB 40 70.00 1.75
100 MB 100 130.00 1.30
200 MB 200 200.00 1.00
Basic Tariff
Up to 40 MB - - 2.50
> 40 MB
to 100 MB
- - 1.70
> 100 MB
to 200 MB
- - 1.30
> 200 MB - - 1.00

These two tariff options are also available to business customers. The Unlimited Packs are aimed at small-sized enterprises, while the alternative option is the Unlimited Group Tariff, whereby a group of users selected by the business customer takes advantage of a corporate data package, which includes an inclusive monthly volume for the group along the lines of the Unlimited Pack. The Unlimited Group Tariff pays off from as few as 20 users.

Mobile Unlimited available at Swisscom Shops from mid-September

Commercial mass production of the product started a few weeks ago, and the first business customers have been using Mobile Unlimited since the end of August. From mid-September the card and software will also be available for purchase at Swisscom Shops. A laptop with PCMCIA Slot Type II and Windows XP operating system with 100 MB free hard disk capacity are required to use Mobile Unlimited. Other operating systems will be supported by later releases. Mobile Unlimited has undergone comprehensive testing in the Microsoft software environment, and the Office 2003 product family in particular provides ideal support for this new form of mobility.

Bern, 9 September 2004


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