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Press release

Swisscom Systems wins major order from PostFinance

13 September 2004

Over two million PostFinance customers will in future be able to call up their balance, account transactions and fund prices by simple voice input to their telephones. Swisscom Systems is developing the Postphone service, a state-of-the-art voice application, for the financial services provider owned by Swiss Post. Up to 20,000 calls per month are expected.

From June 2005, fiddling around with the keypad will be a thing of the past for PostFinance customers. They will be able to call up account details and financial information securely, quickly and conveniently using their own voice. The voice application developed by Swisscom Systems will enable callers to call up their balance, obtain information on their last 20 account transactions, transfer funds between accounts, find out fund prices and block their Postcard immediately if it is lost or stolen.  Customers will also be able to be connected to customer service and receive personal advice. The service will be available to all PostFinance customers by calling the Business Number at the standard rate, and will be protected against unauthorised access by means of a subscriber number and PIN code. The information will be available in four languages.

Since the start of 2004, Swisscom Systems has been offering leading-edge services in the development and maintenance of voice applications. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies and automatic text announcements by means of a synthetic voice via Text to Speech (TTS) open up a wide range of practical applications. These innovations have prompted PostFinance to replace its existing system which is operated via the telephone keypad.

PostFinance aims to offer its customers simpler and faster access to their account details by means of the new voice application from Swisscom Systems, and by improving the user menu to enhance customer satisfaction.

The technical solution will be operated on Voxpilot's Open Media Platform and will guarantee fast and secure data transfer through integration of the telephone exchange and computer centre. The new service is planned to go into operation in June 2005, with over two million calls expected each year.

Bern, 13 September 2004


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