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Swisscom IT Services offers solutions for the healthcare sector

30 September 2004

Swisscom IT Services is expanding its position as a solution provider for the healthcare sector and, to this end, is forging strategic partnerships with established Swiss companies. By signing a cooperation agreement with the health insurer KPT and software producer BBT, and taking over e4life AG, the company is aiming to secure the specialist, technical and commercial success of a modern health and accident insurance solution.

Pressure on costs in the healthcare sector is leading to harsher competition. To remain competitive, insurance companies are having to offer the same product portfolio at lower costs and enhanced service and quality levels. The aim of the partnership which Swisscom IT Services has forged with KPT, e4life and BBT is to replace existing core applications in back-office insurance operations with a standardised software application, in order to achieve cohesive business processes and deploy the resultant high-level cost savings to enhance competitiveness.


Planned outsourcing of IT infrastructure

Within the partnership, KPT is offering to act as the pilot client for the further development and integration of the proven Valsana and CareLife software solutions. The solutions are scheduled for introduction at the beginning of 2006. In addition, KPT and Swisscom IT Services have signed a long-term agreement to fully outsource KPT's IT infrastructure (IT, networks and telephony) to Swisscom IT Services. IT service company e4life AG, a subsidiary of KPT, will be fully taken over by Swisscom IT Services.


Comprehensive range of offerings for health and accident insurers

Based on this cooperation and drawing on its own core competences, Swisscom IT Services aims to build a comprehensive range of offerings for health and accident insurance providers. This will cover all services required for the technical operation of a health insurance company, including printing, desktop publishing, data warehousing, Internet portal, electronic data transfer and monitoring of Tarmed (the Swiss schedule of medical fees).

Swisscom IT Services will be the lead partner in the cooperation, coordinating partnerships and assuming responsibility for the success of the initiative.

Berne, 30 September 2004


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