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Transparent, attractive prices for MMS messages between Switzerland and other countries

06 October 2004

On 1 December 2004 , Swisscom Mobile will introduce a standardised and transparent pricing model for MMS. It will apply to anyone sending or receiving an MMS abroad and for anyone sending an MMS from Switzerland to a mobile phone in another country. The latter feature will be available to NATEL® customers for the first time in Switzerland from December onwards: it will enable MMS messages to be sent to customers of around 20 non-Swiss network operators.

At present, MMS messages can only be sent to mobile phones abroad if the recipient is a customer of Swisscom Mobile or another Swiss mobile operator. This will change from 1 December onwards:  from then on, mobile phone users will be able to send images and sound to customers of around 20 non-Swiss network operators: at new international standard rates, which will also apply for MMS messages sent or received outside Switzerland. In future, the structure of charges will be the same as that for sending MMS messages in Switzerland: there will be only be three rates ranging from CHF 0.40 to CHF 1.80, depending on the data volume transmitted.

In other words, NATEL® customers will benefit from more transparent and simpler prices for cross-border MMS. In the past, these charges were very difficult to calculate: they were made up of the volumes of data sent and the charges for GPRS data transfer, and also varied from one provider to the next. In a word: the final price was not transparent to the customer. NATEL® customers will automatically benefit from the new rates, without registering for them.


The new rates from 1 December 2004 are as follows

 Up to 1 KB   CHF 0.40
 Up to 30 KB   CHF 1.00
 Up to 100 KB    CHF 1.80


These charges (which apply to both prepaid and postpaid plans) include

- Sending MMS messages to customers of a non-Swiss operator*
- Sending MMS messages from outside Switzerland, receiving MMS messages while outside Switzerland

The charge for an average MMS (29 KB) sent from outside Switzerland is currently between CHF 0.81 and CHF 2.33 (average of top 10 countries). From December onwards, a 29 KB MMS will cost CHF 1.00 every time.

The charges for sending MMS within Switzerland will remain the same, i.e. ranging between CHF 0.20 and CHF 0.90 for NATEL® subscribers.

*With MMS, images, sounds and texts can be exchanged between NATEL® customers and the following foreign network providers from 1 December 2004: Austria (T-Mobile), Belgium (Belgacom/Proximus), Czech Republic (Eurotel Praha, T-Mobile), Finland (Radiolinja), Germany (Vodafone D2), Greece (Vodafone), Italy (Telecom Italia), Vodafone), Japan (Vodafone K.K), Lithuania (Omnitel Lithuania),  the Philippines (Smart, Globe Telecom), Singapore (MobilOne, Singapore Telecom), Slovakia (Eurotel Bratislava), Spain (Vodafone, Amena) and Sweden (Vodafone).

Berne, 6 October 2004


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