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Retroactive NATEL® easy registration now possible at post offices

11 October 2004

Effective immediately, Swisscom Mobile prepaid customers can register retroactively at post offices. Swisscom Mobile is offering these additional registration outlets in order to enable retroactive registration of some 300,000 NATEL® easy customers who still have to register their prepaid cards by 31 October 2004 in as customer-friendly a manner as possible. Instead of the previous 1,000 or so sales outlets, a total of over 3,000 registration outlets are now available to customers.

In line with the decision of the Federal Council at the end of June 2004,  prepaid customers who started using SIM cards on or after 1 November 2002 are required to register retroactively by 31 October 2004. Some 500,000 prepaid customers at Swisscom Mobile are affected by this requirement. To date around 200,000 of these have registered, while the remaining 300,000 NATEL® easy customers have another three weeks to do so. So that registration can be completed in as customer-friendly and efficient a manner as possible in the short time remaining, Swisscom Mobile has decided to also allow it to be carried out at all 2,100 post offices.  This is in addition to the 1,000 or so Swisscom Mobile sales outlets where retroactive registration has been possible since 1 July 2004.

How retroactive registration works

NATEL® easy customers who are not sure whether they need to register their SIM card can enter code *106*66# to check whether or not their mobile number is subject to registration. Retroactive registration is free of charge and must be carried out in person. A valid passport, identity card or travel document accepted for entry into Switzerland is required for verification purposes, and registration forms must be completed. The registration form can be downloaded from and completed in advance. As soon as registration is entered in the Swisscom Mobile system, the NATAL® easy customer will receive confirmation by SMS.

In accordance with the regulation, Swisscom Mobile is obliged to block the access of customers who fail to register by 31 October 2004.

Bern, 11 October 2004


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