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3,000 schools online

20 October 2004

In the summer of 2001, Swisscom launched its Schools on the Internet initiative, through which all Swiss schools can apply for a free Internet connection from Swisscom contract partners (the cantons). In a little over three years, 3,000 schools have been connected to the World Wide Web, enabling 640,000 pupils to take advantage of modern information technology for their studies.

Swiss schools are in the throes of a technological evolution: Within the space of just three years, Swisscom's Schools on the Internet initiative alone has provided 3,000 primary, secondary, private and other schools with free Internet access. In many cases, Internet access has been coupled with the acquisition of PCs. Swisscom has set itself the goal of connecting all 5,000 schools in Switzerland to the Internet.


Long-term involvement

Swisscom offers schools within the cantonal education system leased lines with broadband connections. For these schools, both installation and Internet access are free of charge. Through this initiative, the market leader is spending more than CHF 30 million a year (at the current market value) on the Swiss education system. This year, Swisscom also doubled the bandwidth made available to the schools. Depending on the size of the school and the PCs available, schools now enjoy bandwidths of between 600 kb/s and 2 MB/s.


Schools on the Internet initiative: facts and figures

Number of schools connected 3,000
Total number of pupils 637,000
Number of PCs 58,909
Number of MACs 23,666

Berne, 20 October 2004


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