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Online payment of NATEL® bills

01 December 2004

Swisscom Mobile customers with a bank account can now receive and pay their monthly NATEL® bills online. Effective immediately, Swisscom Mobile is offering the PayNet eBanking service. PayNet is a system for the electronic sending and settlement of bills. To use PayNet, customers must have a NATEL® subscription and an account with a bank connected to PayNet.

Until now, only Swisscom Mobile customers with a Swiss Post Yellow account were able to receive and pay their NATEL® bills online. Now, NATEL® customers with a bank account can also take advantage of this payment method. 84 banks throughout Switzerland, including major banks and cantonal banks, offer the option of paying bills via PayNet as a new functionality in the eBanking solution. PayNet does away with the need for paper bills, since the system is designed for online sending and payment of bills. This free service is available to all Swisscom Mobile customers with a NATEL® subscription (with the exception of NATEL® easy and corporate). To use PayNet, customers must have an account with a bank connected to PayNet and must register with their bank for the service. Registration and use of PayNet are free of charge. PayNet is extremely easy to use - bills are paid with just a few clicks of the mouse.


How PayNet works

To register for PayNet, Swisscom Mobile customers must access the eBanking portal of their bank. From there, they can select Swisscom Mobile from the list of billers and complete the registration process. Once they have registered, they will receive their NATEL® bills in electronic form. Customers receive a free SMS every month to inform them that their NATEL® bill is ready for retrieval in the eBanking account. The bill can then be paid with just a few mouse clicks.

Swisscom Mobile has introduced PayNet to provide customers with a convenient and secure way of paying bills. Swisscom Fixnet customers can also use the eBanking service.


PayNet (Schweiz) AG

PayNet (Schweiz) AG is expanding its leading eBilling network in Switzerland. Within a few months, over 26,000 eBanking customers have registered for electronic billing. 84 banks are now connected to PayNet, and 14 companies offer an electronic billing option.

Berne, 1 December, 2004


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