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Vodafone World: for even cheaper mobile calling while abroad

08 December 2004

Vodafone World is a new optional tariff model from Swisscom Mobile and is targeted specifically at mobile subscribers who make large numbers of calls while abroad. It is Swisscom Mobile's cheapest roaming tariff model and subscribers can sign up immediately for a monthly fee of CHF 5. Vodafone World is based on the four-zone tariff model launched on 1 April 2004, but thanks to the use of Vodafone World partner networks (where available) subscribers enjoy an additional price advantage.

With Vodafone World, high-volume callers can save up to 20 per cent on calls made while abroad. For example, a residential customer calling from France to Switzerland benefits from Vodafone World after around 34 minutes, a business customer after around 36 minutes. For calls from Thailand to Switzerland a residential customer benefits after seven minutes, a business customer after around ten minutes.

Business customers wishing to sign up for the service should call the Swisscom Mobile hotline number on 0800 889911, while for residential customers the hotline number is 0800 556464. The subscription costs CHF 5 a month. In addition to ordering the supplementary service, customers wishing to use Vodafone World must have a NATEL® subscription (not NATEL® easy) from Swisscom Mobile and have signed up for the four-zone tariff model launched on 1 April 2004. Mobile subscribers still using the old Swisscom Mobile provider-based tariff model must first switch to the four-zone tariff model. This can be done at the same time as they sign up for Vodafone World.

Further information from the Swisscom Mobile hotline or on the Internet at:

for residential customers

for business customers

Berne, 8 December 2004


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