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Swisscom Fixnet launches its first TV offering

02 March 2005

On 3rd March Swisscom Fixnet will launch a new range of services from its "triple play" portfolio (television, data, telephony): Bluewin TV 300. Bluewin TV 300 will provide customers with an innovative range of television services. Thanks to the digital hard disk recorder, with 200 hours recording capacity, television over the conventional cable network is set to become much more attractive. Viewers will be able to select their own programmes, for example via the Internet. And the new Bluewin Phone service will allow customers to make calls using broadband. By offering a wide range of multimedia services, Swisscom is about to revolutionise the Swiss communications and media world for many years to come.

Triple play integrates telephony, broadband Internet and television on a single network. Swisscom Fixnet's step-by-step implementation of its "triple play" strategy reflects the company's targeted investment in the future of communications in Switzerland. Swisscom is responding to market trends by coming up with attractive price models and product innovations. At the same time, the company is creating a new television experience, supporting changed user habits and triggering an innovative step forward in the television business.


A first television offering with more to follow

After a three-month trial period, the Bluewin TV market test was successfully concluded in February. The results of the market test revealed the end customer's most important requirements and where the priorities for a successful launch need to be placed. In particular, user operation and the video recorder function received a very positive rating.

The launch of Bluewin TV 300, implemented using existing know-how, marks Swisscom Fixnet's entry into the TV business. The new offering is based on the existing cable infrastructure but offers viewers new freedom in TV consumption. As a next step, IP-based television (television over ADSL) will follow in the second half of 2005.


New functions such as live pauses, TV guide and remote programming

With Bluewin TV 300, viewers will no longer miss their favourite programmes. All they need to do is click on the remote control to mark the programmes they wish to record in the Bluewin TV Guide (EPG - Electronic Program Guide). And if they are not at home, they can do so online at They can also search for programmes by entering a keyword (e.g. Clint Eastwood, football, etc.) and then programme the recording remotely with a click of the mouse.

The Bluewin TV 300 hard disk can record up to 200 hours of programmes. The electronic Bluewin TV Guide can be accessed via the television screen and is available several days in advance. The "live pause" button can be used to interrupt a TV programme currently showing and resume viewing later by clicking again. A further advantage is the built-in child protection feature which allows recorded programmes to be stored in the archive with a password to protect them from unauthorised access.

A further new feature is the "Auto-Rec" function for serials and regular programmes. Once selected (e.g. News, Lüthi&Blanc, MusicStar, etc.), a programme is automatically stored every time it is broadcast. Also new are the Bluewin TV Specials: with a single click, users can automatically record all Formula 1 races in a given season (for example).

Bluewin TV 300 will be available from all Swisscom Shops or from the Swisscom Online-Shop ( from 3 March 2005. Swisscom Fixnet will be offering the entire range of innovative TV services at attractive rental price of CHF 24.90 a month. On top of this there is a one-time set-up fee of CHF 95. Bluewin TV 300 functions with all standard cable television outlets. The unit is simply connected to the cable network with no need for an additional connection to the Internet.


Bluewin Phone: phoning via broadband offers additional functions

Swisscom Fixnet is targeting its efforts on quality, service, security and innovation. Following the launch of new price schedules Swisscom customers will be able to phone via ADSL. From 1 April 2005, Swisscom Fixnet's Bluewin Phone will combine phoning with the benefits of a broadband connection: Important additional functions will include global availability under a single number, teleconferencing and video telephony, full caller information and call forwarding.


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Zurich, 2 March 2005


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