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New: calltones available exclusively from Swisscom Mobile

23 March 2005

Swisscom Mobile customers can now greet callers with music instead of the usual dialling tone. Effective immediately, customers can subscribe to calltones, which callers to their number hear until the call is accepted or Combox activated. Calltones can be subscribed to simply by sending an SMS. A wide range of musical calltones is now also available on Vodafone live!.

Effective immediately, Swisscom Mobile customers can greet their callers with music. Customers who want callers to hear something more original than the usual "beep-beep" dialling tone can now activate a calltone. Calltones are short music clips that are played until the called party answers the phone or activates his or her Combox. The normal dialling tone is overlaid and can be heard softly in the background. Calltones function on all mobile phones, since they are transmitted directly from the Swisscom Mobile network. The subscriber's selected calltone is played back to all callers from Switzerland and abroad, whether calling from the fixed network or a mobile phone.


An easy way to order calltones

The keyword of the preferred calltone is simply sent via SMS to Number 818. Once the customer has received confirmation of purchase by SMS, the calltone is activated immediately and remains available for 12 months. If a customer wants to replace the selected music clip before the 12-month period expires, he or she simply sends the keyword of the new calltone by SMS to 818. The subscription can be cancelled by sending an SMS with the word STOP to 818.
All calltones are listed at along with their respective keywords. More than 200 calltones are currently activated, and this will increase to around 500 at the beginning of April. Depending on the melody selected, the cost is CHF 3 to CHF 4 plus a monthly subscription charge of CHF 1.50. Swisscom Mobile is offering the subscription free of charge to all customers who subscribe by 30 June 2005.


Vodafone live! with Music Store

Vodafone live! is now offering a Music Store - a catalogue of polyphonic ringtones and realtones as well as music video clips. Realtones are short clips of recorded music that can be played back as ringtones in unprecedented sound quality on various mobile phones from Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. The Vodafone live! Music Store can be searched by singer, and lists all clips available from Swisscom Mobile by particular singers. Content is displayed only if it functions on the user's mobile phone. There is also a "Charts" zone featuring the official Swiss hit parade.

Vodafone live! now offers not only more musical content; users can also access daily news updates and services on the start page. The icons have also been rearranged to provide a better overview with supplementary information. Vodafone live! is now used by more than 500,000 customers.

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Berne, 23 March 2005


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