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Press release

Swisscom Mobile launches nationwide broadband network

29 March 2005

With the launch of EDGE, Swisscom is introducing Switzerland's first broadband mobile network with nationwide coverage. EDGE makes high-speed data transmission possible wherever mobile calls can be made on the NATEL® network. EDGE complements Swisscom Mobile's existing technology mix, which includes UMTS and WLAN, and increases mobile bandwidth from 30 to as much as 200 kbps. The first EDGE-enabled mobile phones are already on the market, and other models and a PC card will follow shortly. In June 2005, Swisscom Mobile will also be introducing a flat rate of only CHF 79 per month for mobile data communication (for up to 1 GB).

EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) is based on the tried-and-proven GSM network. The widespread availability (99.8% of the population) of EDGE is a decisive advantage for all business and residential customers who also want to be able to use data services outside large conurbations or in buildings without UMTS.

"EDGE makes it possible for us to provide a high-quality mobile broadband network to rural regions of the country as well," explains Carsten Schloter, CEO of Swisscom Mobile. However,  we remain committed to UMTS as the technology of the future, and will continue to expand our UMTS network." Swisscom Mobile's UMTS network currently supplies some 90% of the Swiss population and is complemented by more than 800 WLAN hotspots enabling very high bandwidths in some locations. Thanks to the combination of these technologies with EDGE, the mobile bandwidth available to NATEL® customers has been increased from 30 to 100-200 kbps - many times faster than ISDN, which is available more or less all over Switzerland. With this move, Swisscom Mobile is taking a leading role in Switzerland and Europe, and will again be investing several hundred millions of francs in 2005 to expand its network infrastructure.


Using existing broadband services nationwide

Thanks to EDGE, live television, video streaming and the transmission of large files are now possible nearly everywhere in Switzerland. This means that mobile access to corporate applications like intranets or Outlook is as easy outside urban areas as it is in the office. For technical reasons, video telephony is only possible via the UMTS network.


New flat-rate tariff beginning in June

A specially enabled mobile phone is required for EDGE. The Nokia Communicator 9300 (EDGE) and 9500 (EDGE+ WLAN), for example, are particularly suitable for mobile access to corporate applications, and are already available in Swisscom Shops and specialist dealers. Swisscom Mobile also plans to launch an EDGE-enabled PC card this summer. The best possible, seamless interplay of all technologies available from Swisscom Mobile will come later, with an EDGE-expanded version of "Mobile Unlimited", the well-known and GSM Association award-winning 3-1 PC card, which automatically selects the most suitable network for NATEL® customers via its smart software.

Fans of pocket-sized television will appreciate the Nokia 6680, which will be available as a UMTS/EDGE device from Swisscom Mobile starting in mid April 2005. The Nokia 6230i, which will be available from May onwards, only operates with a GSM or EDGE network, but it is a Vodafone live! device like the 6680 and offers access to live television and other interesting services.

All NATEL® customers with a suitable mobile phone can start enjoying the advantages of EDGE immediately; no special activation is necessary. Starting in June 2005, Swisscom Mobile will also be offering a flat rate at extremely attractive terms: For only CHF 79, NATEL® customers will be able to enjoy virtually unlimited mobile Internet and intranet surfing (up to 1 GB a month) at no additional cost. More information on the new tariff will be given in a future press release.

Details of the mobile phones mentioned can be found at


Berne, 29 March 2005


Mobilfunk-Datenübertragung im Vergleich

Description GPRS
(General Packet Radio Service)
(Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution)
(Universal Mobile
Tele-communications System)
(Wireless Local Area Network)
Underlying technology GSM standard (NATEL® D) GSM standard (NATEL® D) UMTS standard  (W-CDMA procedure) IEEE 802.11b/g
Coverage Nationwide (99.8% of the population) Nationwide (99.8% of the population) Around 90% of the population 800 hotspots
Network available Since February 2002 Since November 2004 Since July 2004 Since December 2002
Speed 20 - 40 kbps 100 - 200 kbps 200 - 350 kbps Up to 2 Mbps
Typical applications Transmission of smaller files, mobile e-mail Video streaming, interactive services, gaming, file transfers, downloads, mobile Internet (surfing, e-mails), mobile office (remote access to company data/intranet/Outlook)
Video telephony No No Yes No
Availability of PC cards Already available Available soon Already available Already available
Availability of mobile phones Now integrated in almost all mobiles Already available Already available Already available


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