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Press release

Swisscom Mobile to launch flat-rate tariff for mobile data communications

28 April 2005

Swisscom Mobile customers will soon benefit from a massive price reduction in mobile data communication: as of May 1st the company will launch a flat rate of only CHF 79 per month (data volume of up to 1 gigabyte). Initially, the rate will only apply to customers who use Mobile Unlimited - and thus are in possession of a NATEL® data basic subscription. From August the flat rate will be available to other NATEL® subscribers.

From May 1st , and for only CHF 79 per month, NATEL® customers will be able to surf with their mobile phones for as long as they wish and without any further charges ? irrespective of the selected network technology. The price reduction, initially planned for June, has been brought forward. To benefit from the offer, users must be in possession of a NATEL® data basic subscription, use Mobile Unlimited and choose "Data Option 1000". This will allow a data transfer volume of up to one gigabyte per month. As a comparison: While viewing the homepage, 150 KM will be downloaded. This means that for only CHF 79 it will be possible to download roughly 7,000 pages of a similar size.

If the prescribed one gigabyte of data per month is exceeded, each additional 100 kilobytes will incur a charge of 50 cents. Each additional megabyte, therefore, will cost just 50 cents. This represents a price reduction of 50 per cent when compared with the previously cheapest Unlimited Option 200. Overall, the new rate (at 8 cents per megabyte), represents a price reduction of over 99 percent in comparison with previous tariffs (up to CHF 10 per megabyte). Swisscom Mobile, therefore, is not only making its data products attractive to business customers but also to residential customers and thus the wider mass market.

The previous Unlimited Options 40, 100, 200 are to be withdrawn. The Unlimited Basic tariff (new data tariff recommended for low-volume users) will continue to apply.

From August onwards, the attractive flat rate will be available to all NATEL® subscribers. This will coincide with a price reduction also for prepaid customers.

Berne, 28 April 2005


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