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Press release

Four million customers for Swisscom Mobile

09 May 2005

Swisscom Mobile recently chalked up its four-millionth customer. This means that well over half the population of Switzerland are Swisscom Mobile customers. These customers enjoy the benefits of mobile telephony not only with the best network in Switzerland, but also in more than 170 other countries with some 400 different mobile communications providers.

Four million Swiss residents are now Swisscom Mobile customers. More than half of all newly concluded mobile contracts are with Swisscom Mobile, which consistently invests in innovative products such as Vodafone live! and Mobile Unlimited and is also expanding its network. NATELĀ® customers can make and receive calls from almost anywhere in Switzerland: the GSM network, expanded since the spring of this year to include EDGE, covers 99.8% of the Swiss population. The UMTS network already covers 90% of Swiss residents.

Some 4.5 million outgoing calls are made over the Swisscom Mobile network each day, whilst around 3.5 million incoming calls are received daily. In addition to a outstanding network quality, Swisscom Mobile also places great emphasis on customer service: more than 600 hotline agents answer up to 20,000 calls daily. The high concentration of sales outlets ? approximately 100 Swisscom shops and 800 other channels ? also helps to ensure that customer needs can be dealt with on the spot.


400 roaming agreements mean you can still use your mobile phone even when you are abroad

Swisscom Mobile has just concluded its 400th roaming agreement with the Uruguayan mobile communications provider Antel. NATELĀ® customers can use their mobile phone in more than 170 of the world?s 191 countries. The majority of calls made from other countries by Swisscom Mobile customers are registered in France, Italy and Germany.

For mobile data transmission, Swisscom Mobile has concluded GPRS roaming agreements with 120 network partners in 50 countries, complemented by UTMS agreements with more than 20 network partners in 15 countries.



Berne, 9 May 2005


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