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Simply phoning with Mobile Comfort

27 May 2005

On 1 June 2005 Swisscom Mobile will launch a new service for customers who simply want to use their mobile phone for making phone calls. Mobile Comfort consists of two extremely user-friendly handsets and a unique range of "Comfort Services".

Today, mobile handsets can be used for taking snapshots, watching live TV and listening to music, among other things. Market studies have shown, however, that many NATEL® customers simply want to use their mobile phone for making calls and sending SMS messages. This large user group is not interested in grappling with technology. It is precisely these customers that Swisscom Mobile is targeting with the launch of Mobile Comfort, a new product developed jointly by Vodafone and Sagem.


Easy to use without extensive menus

Both Comfort handsets - the VS1 and the VS2 - are identical from a technical point of view but differ in terms of design. They are similar in a way to cordless fixed-line phones and are just as easy to use. The menu is clearly structured and the content is limited to the essentials. There are three buttons above the display: a click on the left button returns the user to the Home Screen. The middle button is used to access contacts stored in the memory. When the right-hand button flashes, this indicates an incoming SMS message or that a voice message has been saved in Combox. To call up a message, the user simply clicks on the flashing key - like with an answering machine. To activate the mute function, instead of scrolling through the menu, the user simply slides the switch at the side of the phone. Less also means more: For example, while the handset does not have an integrated camera, it can receive, reply to and forward MMS messages. Both Comfort handsets feature a practical desktop charger for home. This way users ensure that the battery is always charged.


Two weeks' free trial offer

Simple phoning with Mobile Comfort begins in any Swisscom Mobile Shop or Swiss Post, Migros or Mobilezone outlets, where Mobile Comfort will be available from 1 June 2005. Customer advisers will be on hand to commission phones ready for use, explain the PIN, store the first contact and provide a demonstration of how to send an SMS and use COMBOX. If customers have questions later, they simply call the free "Comfortline" hotline. The specially trained Comfortline staff will take the time to answer questions in detail. Any customer who is unsure if Mobile Comfort is the right choice can take advantage of a two-week trial offer. If the phone fails to come up to their expectations, they can simply return it without any further obligations. And if a defect arises during the two-year warranty period, the shop will instantly replace the phone with a new one of the same model.


Can be combined with all NATEL® subscriptions

Comfort VS1 and 2 can be combined with any NATEL® subscription and can also be used with a Swisscom Mobile prepaid card. The new NATEL® swiss liberty subscription is specially suitable and is just as straightforward as Mobile Comfort: users can phone for up to an hour on all Swiss fixed networks and on the Swisscom Mobile network for CHF 0.50.

Comfort VS1 or Comfort VS2 in combination with the NATEL® swiss liberty subscription (for 24 months) costs CHF 49. If purchased without a subscription, the price is CHF 399.

Product pictures for downloading

Berne, 27 May 2005


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