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Press release

yellowbill and Conextrade enable the exchange of electronic bills

21 June 2005

yellowbill from PostFinance and the electronic trading platform Conextrade from Swisscom IT Services are to be linked. Through this association, the customer bases of the two platforms will be combined, expanding the possibilities for VAT-compatible electronic billing.

The two companies have strengthened their association with a letter of intent and have already started implementation. In future it will be possible for customers to exchange electronic business documents with their trading partners across both platforms, similar to a "roaming agreement" in telecommunications.

Swisscom IT Services, with its Conextrade/E-Invoicing solution, and PostFinance, with its yellowbill EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) platform, both already offer a reliable and productive solution for purely electronic and VAT-compatible billing. What is new is that electronic billing will now be possible across the two platforms. This means that, in future, a yellowbill customer will be able to invoice a Conextrade customer electronically - and vice versa. By avoiding the use of paper, and as a result of the opportunity of automating processes -  from billing through to filing and cross-referencing in the archive -  both those issuing and receiving bills will benefit from substantial and lasting savings in the area of process costs.

In addition, PostFinance and Swisscom IT Services intend to define a generic billing format together that will be issued for every signed bill and should make subsequent automated auditing considerably easier. The content of the generic format will be based on the recently adopted swissDIGIN content standard ( and will make an additional contribution to the standardisation of electronic billing.

The concept for connecting the two platforms and the intention to define a generic billing format have already been presented to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (ESTV), where they have met with great approval. The schedule envisages that it will be possible to exchange the first productive bills across platforms from the beginning of 2006.

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Berne, 21 June 2005


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