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Swisscom offers a bridge for newly qualified trainees

08 July 2005

Once again in 2005, Swisscom is offering young trainees who completed their apprenticeship training at Swisscom in July/August 2005 a career bridging opportunity. Anyone who has not found a position or planned further training, trips abroad, military service or similar, can sign up for temporary positions within the company. Job Bridge Plus is also being offered for the second time. This programme provides opportunities to work in another language region for up to nine months in order to gain initial professional experience.

Around 250 young professionals will be completing their apprenticeship at Swisscom in July/August. That is around 30 more than last year: For the first time, a group will be completing training in the area of telematics.

The unemployment rate among 20- to 24-year-olds in Switzerland continues to remain at above six percent. This troubled economic climate is also affecting Swisscom's newly qualified trainees. Of the 18 electronics technicians, 126 IT technicians, 23 mediamatics technicians, 47 salespeople, 12 telematics technicians and 26 retail staff, around half had still not found jobs or alternative solutions (further training, military service, trip abroad etc.) by mid-June. Their training contracts with Swisscom expire either at the end of July or the end of August, depending on the region in which they are located.

The trainee bridge at Swisscom

For the third time, Swisscom is living up to its social responsibility by building a bridge for affected trainees to allow them to more easily cross over into their professional lives. The individual Group companies are offering these newly qualified youngsters two opportunities based on standard terms of employment:

  • A job limited to a maximum of six months (Job Bridge)
  • Work placement (combined with a language exchange) for a maximum of nine months in an area of Switzerland where a different language is spoken (Job Bridge Plus).

The advantage for these young professionals is that they can give notice on a Job Bridge placement at any time within 30 days to the end of a month as soon as they have found a permanent position. Job Bridge Plus employment (language exchange) cannot be terminated early.

New trainees in summer 2005

Around 220 new trainees will commence their professional training at Swisscom at the end of July and the beginning of August. The ratio of trainees to Swisscom employees still remains at around six percent.


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