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Swisscom Fixnet plans Bluewin ADSL service offering for first-time users

18 July 2005

Swisscom Fixnet is planning to launch an ADSL service offering especially geared to first-time users. The highly attractive bandwidth rates and conditions are designed to appeal to new users of the World Wide Web as well as existing customers who until now have only had narrow-band Internet access. Detailed information on bandwidth and the cost of Bluewin's ADSL first-time user offering will be announced on 23 August 2005.

The new ADSL offering for first-time users will provide an ideal complement to Bluewin's existing ADSL product range. Each Bluewin subscription will include Internet access and a service package. To access the Internet the customer will be able to choose between dial-up and ADSL.  At present, ADSL speeds of 600, 1200 and 2400 kbps are available. In addition, the customer will be able to select a service package to match his/her Internet access. The Light, Classic and Gold packages will feature the corresponding Internet services such as e-mail or SMS messaging, spam and virus filters, photo services, etc.


How fast is technology changing?

Statistics show steady growth in the number of Internet surfers in Switzerland: today some 3.9 million people use the Internet, which corresponds to around 69% of the population aged 14 or more (source: MACH Consumer 2003/MA Comis 2004). Small wonder, therefore, that Switzerland now ranks alongside those countries with the highest Internet and broadband penetration. Already 50% or so of the Internet population in Switzerland has broadband access (source: TELEBUS Switcher Study, October 2004), and of these some 60% have ADSL connections.

If you take a look at Switzerland's biggest Internet provider Bluewin (the service brand of Swisscom Fixnet Ltd), and compare the development of conventional (narrowband) Internet access with growth since the introduction of ADSL, the spread of ADSL has grown exponentially. ADSL customer numbers have doubled since 2003 while the number of narrowband subscribers has dropped by almost a third.


1996 1998 2000 2002 2003 2004

March 05



15'000 153'000 550'000 751'000 667'000 522'000 502'000




March 05

      109'000 273'000 490'000 550'000

E-mail remains the most widely used Internet service, followed by information searches on specialist websites (source: MA Comis 2004); at the same time, more and more people are using the Internet to shop online. "Games on Demand" (where users can log on and rent rather than buy) also enjoy huge popularity among customers.

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