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Phone for even less at weekends and nights with Swisscom Mobile

29 July 2005

With Night Option 1000 and Weekend Option 1000, Swisscom Mobile subscribers can make 1,000 minutes of mobile calls each month for CHF 12 or CHF 10 respectively as of 1 August 2005. Using the full 1,000 minutes corresponds to a rate of just 1 centime per minute.

From 1 August, mobile calls at weekends and evenings will be even cheaper. Swisscom Mobile is offering two new telephony options: Night Option 1000 and Weekend Option 1000. The Night Option includes 1,000 minutes of calling time on the fixed network and Swisscom Mobile network for just CHF 12. It is valid every night from 8 pm to 6 am. The second alternative, Weekend Option 1000, offers 1,000 minutes of calling time after midnight on Friday until midnight on Sunday for CHF 10. Those who use the entire 1,000 minutes will end up paying only 1 centime per minute.

Just order by SMS

Both options are available to all Swisscom Mobile customers with NATEL® subscriptions (excluding NATEL® easy). To order, all that is necessary is to send a free SMS to number 444  with the keyword "NIGHT START" or "WEEKEND START". Orders can also be placed over the Swisscom Mobile hotline (0800 55 64 64) and at all Swisscom shops as of 1 August. Users can check their remaining balance at any time via SMS (send the keyword "STATUS" to number 444) or over the hotline. Both options may be cancelled as of the end of the month. This can be done by sending a free SMS with the keyword "NIGHT STOP" or "WEEKEND STOP" to number 444.

If a customer orders both options, the Weekend Option will initially be charged at weekends between 8 pm and 6 am. Calls made during this period will only be charged to the Night Option once the Weekend Option has been used up. Unused calling time from both options will expire at the end of the month.


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