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Low-cost calling with M-Budget Mobile

22 August 2005

In a move to enter the mobile communications market, Migros, in conjunction with Swisscom Mobile, is launching a new prepaid product, M-Budget Mobile. The definitive prices will only be announced when the new product goes on sale.

On 13 September, Migros will launch a special prepaid product onto the Swiss retail market in partnership with Swisscom Mobile. The product, M-Budget Mobile, is targeted at customers looking to make mobile phone calls and exchange SMS messages at attractive rates and without having to pay a basic fee or enter into a contract. M-Budget Mobile customers will benefit from the cheapest prepaid mobile offering on the market. In making this move, Migros is responding to strong customer demand for simple, straightforward, low-cost mobile phoning and the receipt and transmission of SMS messages.

The new offering belongs to the so-called "no frills" category of products that are designed specifically for voice telephony and SMS messaging. M-Budget Mobile customers will benefit from Swisscom Mobile's excellent network coverage. However, Combox, MMS and other data services such as Vodafone live! will not form part of the offering. M-Budget Mobile clients will have the option of managing their mobile telephone account free of charge online at or via a special hotline which will be subject to a charge. Unlike other "no frills" offerings, M-Budget Mobile will not only be offered over the Internet but also via Migros' extensive retail network. Implementation of M-Budget Mobile will involve a clear division of responsibilities, with Swisscom Mobile providing the technical platforms and thus serving as Migros' technology partner, and Migros taking responsibility for the marketing and positioning of M-Budget Mobile.

"M-Budget stands for good quality products at the best possible prices. Swisscom Mobile will guarantee us the requisite quality while we will be in a position to offer the best prices by focussing on a "no frills" product aimed at the mass market," said Urs Riedener, Head of Marketing and a member of the MGB (Federation of Migros Cooperatives) Board of Management, commenting on the launch of M-Budget Mobile.

"We believe that Migros, with its dense retail network and extremely well-known and well-positioned Swiss brand M-Budget, is the ideal strategic sales partner for this product," explained Carsten Schloter, CEO of Swisscom Mobile. Following on from the successful launch of the no-frills NATEL Swiss Liberty subscription, we are now using an innovative business model to bring renewed momentum to the Swiss mobile communications market."

M-Budget-Mobile will comprise the SIM card and Value Card and - to mark the launch - a special M-Budget mobile phone. The phone and the SIM cards will be on sale in Migros' M-Electronics outlets and in the larger MM and MMM stores, while the Value Cards will be available from all Migros outlets and Avec Shops as well as some 80 retail outlets that stock Migros products, and from Migrol filling-station shops. In addition, customers will also be able to top up their cards online at


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