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Press release

Swisscom Fixnet launches Bluewin ADSL 150

23 August 2005

Swisscom Fixnet is now expanding its Bluewin product range with an ADSL service offer for first-time users starting at CHF 9 per month. Usage charges are based on time: each hour online only costs an additional CHF 2.40. With speeds of 150/50 kbps, this offer is ideal for new customers as well as for people who have used narrowband Internet access until now, who use the Internet only sporadically or who want to install ADSL in their second residences.

The ADSL offer for first-time users provides a download speed of 150 kbps and an upload speed of 50 kbps. It is an ideal addition to the Bluewin ADSL product range and will help to better meet customers' needs. Each Bluewin subscription includes Internet access and a service package. The customer is able to choose between dial-up (e.g. ISDN) and ADSL to access the Internet. The ADSL speeds currently available are 150, 600, 1200 and 2400 kbps. Additionally, each customer selects a service package to match his/her Internet access. The Light, Classic and Gold packages feature Internet services such as e-mail or SMS messaging, spam and virus filters, a firewall and photo services.

ADSL 150: an offer for the cost-conscious customer

With the Classic service package, the basic charge for ADSL 150 including a secure virus and spam filter for all five e-mail addresses costs CHF 9. The Gold service package with additional firewall security is CHF 15. The ADSL 150 offer is based on time, which means that the customer logs in every time he/she wants to use the Internet, just like with narrowband access. Each hour online costs CHF 2.40, and charges are calculated by the minute. The customer is charged a maximum of CHF 59 per month for the Classic service package or CHF 65 per month for the Gold service package. If the customer regularly pays close to the maximum amount, Bluewin will automatically recommend a subscription that better meets his/her needs. The customer can test Bluewin ADSL 150 for two months without any obligation.

Advantages for the occasional user

The ADSL offer for first-time users will be particularly popular amongst occasional users, such as Internet users who have been using narrowband to access the Internet up until now and who would like to enjoy the convenience of a connection that is up to three times faster. The offer should also appeal to users who go online mainly for e-mail and who only occasionally surf the Internet. They will no longer have to dial up with analogue narrowband modems and should also find the high degree of security and the additional benefits of the service packages quite attractive. Less technically inclined customers can take advantage of home installation by having Swisscom installers come to their homes to set up the ADSL connection.


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