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Press release

Flooding: clean-up work making good progress

29 August 2005

Further progress has now been made following the flooding that caused heavy damage to the Swisscom fixed network, with the exchanges in Bristen and Unterschächen (Canton of Uri) now back up and running. The exchanges in Melchtal and Melchsee-Frutt should be operational by Tuesday evening.

Due to damage to the exchange infrastructure, the network exchanges in Grundhof (Emmenbrücke, Canton of Lucerne), Rynacht near Schattdorf (Canton of Uri) and Oey Latterbach, Wilderswil and Boenigen in the Bernese Oberland remain out of service. It may take days, if not weeks, to rectify the faults in the local loop between the exchanges and customers' home terminals, as many cable ducts and lines are still completely under water and buried in mud and rubble, and will need to be pumped out, cleaned, dried and - where necessary - replaced.

Swisscom Mobile continues to provide full network coverage in the areas hit by the bad weather.


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