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Press release

M-Budget Mobile - cheapest prepaid product on the market

12 September 2005

On 13 September 2005 Migros will launch its new prepaid mobile phone offering in partnership with Swisscom Mobile. Calling rates with M-Budget Mobile will cost a standard CHF 0.44 per minute for calls to all Swiss telephone networks, and all customers who sign up for M-Budget Mobile before 31 December 2005 will pay an ongoing rate of only CHF 0.10 per SMS. M-Budget Mobile will therefore be the cheapest prepaid mobile offering on the market.

Getting started with M-Budget Mobile is easy: customers simply purchase a SIM card with the prefix 077 from any of the 320 larger Migros stores (MM or MMM) or from any M-Electronics store. The SIM card costs CHF 19.80 and comes with CHF 10 worth of calling credit. The user can use the prepaid card as soon as it has been registered at the customer desk in compliance with legal provisions. Calls to the Swiss fixed network and to all Swiss mobile networks will cost a standard rate of CHF 0.44 per minute. Customers who sign up for M-Budget Mobile before 31 December 2005 will pay an ongoing rate of only CHF 0.10 per SMS. While it is not yet clear how much SMS messages will cost after this launch promotion, one thing is certain: they will be in line with the M-Budget brand promise. Migros has set itself the goal of always offering M-Budget Mobile at the best possible conditions.


Sony Ericsson T290i with M-Budget Mobile SIM card (CHF 10 credit) for a total of CHF 58.80

Calling credit can be topped up using the Mobile Value Card, available in denominations of CHF 10 or CHF 30. The cards can be purchased from any of the 590 Migros stores. Customers requiring credit top-ups in excess of CHF 10 can request the credit online at and pay by credit card. They can also manage their mobile accounts online, enabling them for example to view details of their calls or block expensive value added service numbers. M-Budget Mobile customers with queries can also call a special 24-hour hotline on 0900 15 17 28 - the first minute is free, each minute thereafter will be billed at CHF 2.50 a minute.

In addition to selling the M-Budget Mobile SIM card, Migros will also offer a package aimed at customers who do not yet possess a mobile phone. The package consists of a SIM card and a Sony Ericsson T290i mobile phone, and costs CHF 58.80 including CHF 15 worth of calling credit. The package will be available while stocks last. The Sony Ericsson T290i mobile phone will only work with a SIM card from M-Budget Mobile or Swisscom Mobile.

Customers who already possess a mobile phone will also be able to use the low-cost M-Budget Mobile SIM card. Customers with older-type mobile phones which may be blocked for use with other SIM cards can have them checked out at a Migros store to see whether or not they are "SIM-locked".


Lowest prices, optimum price transparency

M-Budget Mobile is a product aimed at all those who simply want to make mobile calls and send SMS messages without being locked into a contract. The reason it can be offered at such an attractive price is that supplementary services like Combox and MMS have been deliberately omitted. A standard round-the-clock minute rate ensures optimum price transparency irrespective of which Swiss network the customer wishes to make calls to. Migros is looking to sell some 50,000 M-Budget Mobile cards by the end of 2005.

While Swisscom Mobile will provide the technical platforms, Migros will be responsible for marketing the new product. Visually, therefore, M-Budget Mobile will look like a Migros product. On mobile phones with an M-Budget Mobile card the network display will also show "M-Budget".


Further information


Urs Peter Naef, MBG Press Spokesman, Tel. 044 277 20 66,


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