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Mobile television: Swisscom launches DVB-H trial

01 November 2005

Around 100 people are currently testing a new mobile television technology. Between now and the end of the year, Swisscom Broadcast and Swisscom Mobile will be carrying out a technical trial of the new digital standard DVB-H.

Over a three-month period, the test participants will have access to some 26 different television channels and basic interactive services on a Nokia 7710 smartphone. Test participants will be offered additional interactive services depending on the individual broadcasters: the info service leads to the Internet sites offered by the television broadcasters.

The trial will focus on the suitability of DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcasting - Handhelds) technology. The new standard was developed specifically to deliver broadcast signals to mobile, digital handhelds. DVB-H is an extension of DVB-T, the technology already used for terrestrial broadcasting of digital television signals. The trial should enable Swisscom Broadcast to resolve outstanding technical issues.

This is the first technical DVB-H trial in Switzerland, and even from an international perspective Swisscom is one of the pioneers of the new technology. To date, the only comparable trials in Europe have been in Berlin and Helsinki. The DVB-H standard has also been undergoing trials in Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Spain since September 2005.

The Swiss trial is intended above all to provide information on the technological requirements for implementation in Switzerland. Swisscom Broadcast's technology partner for the trial is the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. Working closely with Swisscom, Nokia has provisioned a DVB-H trial platform and the requisite mobile devices: for the purposes of the trial, a specific DVB-H receiver has been added to the commercially available version of the Nokia 7710 smartphone.


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