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"Tagesschau" on your mobile around the clock

08 November 2005

From 8 November 2005, Swisscom Mobile will be expanding its range of mobile TV services: As well as Live TV, showing programmes which are currently being broadcast, NATEL® customers can now also watch summaries and highlights of some of their favourite programmes, whenever and wherever they want - with Replay TV. Like Live TV, Replay TV is available throughout Switzerland via UMTS and EDGE, exclusively from Swisscom Mobile.

The first broadcasts to be shown by Swisscom Mobile on Replay TV are programmes from Swiss Television SF DRS and SAT1/Pro7 channels. Repeats of the "Tagesschau" news programme and the "Meteo" weather forecasts from SF DRS will be available all day, while repeats of popular comedy shows and a lifestyle/entertainment news channel will be provided by SAT1/Pro7.

The "Tagesschau" news programme is broadcast by SF DRS at different times depending on which region of Switzerland you live in; for example, in German-speaking Switzerland, the broadcast times are 1 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. every day. Forty minutes after being broadcast on TV, the programme will be available to access on the Vodafone live! portal in all three national languages. The lunchtime show will be repeated continuously until it is updated by the main evening programme. The evening news will then be available on the Vodafone live! portal until the next day's lunchtime show is broadcast. The same applies to the lunchtime and evening weather forecasts.

In addition, Swisscom Mobile offers a comedy channel and a lifestyle/entertainment news channel with content from SAT1/Pro7 programmes. The comedy channel showcases the best scenes from "Genial Daneben", "Was guckst du?!", "Tramitz and friends", "Kalkofes Mattscheibe", "Comedystreet" and "Headnut TV". The lifestyle and entertainment news channel includes three to four-minute highlights from the "Blitz", "Sam", "Taff" and "Talk, Talk, Talk" programmes. Both channels are updated daily, and are available in German only.

Swisscom Mobile will be continually expanding the range of programmes available on Replay TV, soon to include programmes from HBO and Disney, to name but two. A UEFA Champions League channel is also in preparation, which will broadcast clips specially prepared for mobile viewing, showing highlights and the best goals from Champions League matches. The content will be updated every evening a match is played.


Live TV with 22 channels

As well as Replay TV, Swisscom Mobile has been providing Live TV since November 2004. Now users can access 22 channels via their mobile phones, with a choice of Swiss channels SF1, SF2, SF Info, TSR1, TSR2, TSI1 and TSI2, in addition to ARD and ZDF, and the major German private channels (RTL, RTL2, SAT1 Switzerland, Pro7, VOX, VIVA, MTV and NTV). The range is completed with international channels ORF1, TF1, RAI UNO, CNN and Eurosport.


Replay TV from CHF 1 per hour

Swisscom Mobile customers can watch an hour of Replay TV for just CHF 1. If a customer uses Replay TV on a regular basis, a monthly subscription is recommended at CHF 12. Live TV costs CHF 1.50 per hour, while a monthly subscription is available at CHF 16. The one-day subscription which was previously available will no longer be offered.


It is not possible to use Replay TV and Live TV from abroad.


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